Caterpillar Relocation

Caterpillar Relocation Services

  • +Home-buying agent matched, who understands your personal needs. Our qualified agents are successful, specially trained in relocation. Living in school districts of most Caterpillar relocation

  • +Temporary furnished housing options

  • +Community and school tours tailored to your families needs

  • +Leasing assistance based on your specific requirements

  • +Relocation plan assistance, setting up utilities such as cable, water, electricity

  • +Drivers’ license, banking, insurance & social security assistance for International employees

  • +Introduction to social networks to get to know people also relocated to the area

  • +Property management with leases within Caterpillar guidelines for employees leaving the area for short-term assignments.

At Tim Rehrmann Team Keller Williams Southern Arizona Welcome Center, many of us have help moved for Caterpillar. We understand what it’s like to relocate your family. We have welcome tours of new construction homes & resale homes. Call Relocation Team Specialist Tim Rehrmann 520-770-1000 with relocation questions or to schedule a tour at no charge. 520-770-1000